Our Favourite Things About Senubo


 “My favorite thing about SENUBO is that we now have a means of connecting the people who know how with the people who needs to know – and this is possible from anywhere and at any time.  For many years I have observed companies failing to capitalise on knowledge and expertise previously learned resulting in passing control of decision making over to people outside the organisation – surely this should be the last resort rather than being accepted logic?

SENUBO now allows us to search our company, find the best person to advise on a particular problem and immediately connect with them.  Companies are about people and their knowledge, their experiences and their know how.  In such a time critical industry it is imperative that we can make the best decision with the best available information – this can only truly happen when we are empowered to connect the people who know and have done with the people who need to know.

This is what excites me most about SENUBO.”

“My favourite thing about SENUBO is that the major part of the workforce and supply chain can participate from day one without the need for the new technology or training, and in heavy industry that’s highly relevant. Solutions reliant on the latest smartphone or tablet or constant internet availability have limited usability in industries with remote work sites or uneven distribution of high tech devices.

SENUBO allows everyone to contribute regardless of technology or training. Users can submit reports through familiar channels like SMS or email as well as via a web app. Everyone receives the information and communications they need regardless of their technology. The SENUBO platform opens up reporting and communication to the widest potential pool of users in the workforce and supply chain. Its like the modern version of site radio.

This type of communication platform will reshape how work is being done in many industries and that’s what I find exciting about SENUBO.”

“My favorite thing about SENUBO is the sense of belonging and community I get from working in a shared, collaborative space.

As a Community Manager, assisting and supporting our customers in implementing their SENUBO platform, I see again and again the growing sense of belonging and togetherness people get from working in an open and transparent work space   From senior managers and directors offering feedback and praise, to users who have never met before joining together in Groups, the traditional boundaries and silos of organisations are replaced with a more collaborative and team orientated culture.

SENUBO offers a space where people can feel supported and included, a place where their contributions are noticed and recognised.  Seeing this over and over again gives me a real sense of achievement in what we do in our work behind the scenes and drives us on to continually improve SENUBO based on the feedback from our users.”