Supply Chain Management

SENUBO is a new way to include everyone in the communications loop.

Managed communications – you can issue communications to workers and subcontractors which are guaranteed to reach them via the technology they use – web, email or sms.

Acknowledged communications – you can request acknowledgment of any important communiques, monitor non-respondees, and automatically issue reminders.

Visual Dashboards – see who has responded to requests and who has not, and read the latest reports from site in a single dashboard.

Used by companies for monitoring a range of key Health, Safety and Production metrics

  • Acknowledgement of Terms of Engagement
  • Acceptance of Insurance Terms
  • Acceptance of Payment policies
  • Important Health and Safety Communications
  • Urgent Safety Alerts
  • New Document distribution
  • Daily Health and Safety Reporting Obligations
  • Daily Site Diary Reports and Pictures
  • Daily Progress Reports

One system for managing and tracking all project clearances and continuous reporting obligations.

The Benefits

  • Spend less time chasing subcontractors for paperwork.
  • Works via technology your subcontractors already have and use – SMS, email and web
  • No new training or technology spend required.
  • Can collect data for export to existing systems

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Download Subcontractor Compliance Example