Social is all about ME!

Most of the talk about Social Business strategy and applications is centered around collaboration and sharing and the immediate and short term gains in having a more connected and a more agile organisation. While all of these benefits are undoubtedly true, and being realised on a daily basis by 100′s of 1000′s of organisations throughout the world, the principal driver in Social Business is much more personal.

The primary reason for the success of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest et al is that we want our friends (and almost friends) to see how great we are. The principal driver for adoption is to let people know how cool and great we are.

This driver is the same in social business – the minor difference is that we want our colleagues and our boss to see how great we are. We want to be seen to be excelling and making the best possible contributions. We want to be compared to, and excel against, our peers.

These ‘selfish’ drivers may be view as a little distasteful and not truly in the spirit of collaboration and sharing. The truth is that they are the very basis of developing a successful social business strategy and must be supported.

This is where senior management involvement is so critical – by joining in on the conversation, ‘liking’ updates and starting discussions on the organisations social business platform senior management play a vital role.

Gamification tools provide another vital component to supporting this behavior – the more we reward, the more we gain. However, caution need to be exercised in the use of Gamification metrics because “what gets measured gets done” and so if we measure the wrong things (or even things that are slightly wrong) we will encourage achievement of objectives that are not necessarily driving us in the right direction.

So remember, it’s all about ME. Understand, encourage and nurture this ‘selfish’ behavior to realise the enormous potential that socialising your organisation will realise.

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