Customer Success Stories

The SENUBO platform is being used across a variety of industrys and countries.  From the smallest piling job to some of the largest construction projects for companies like Pepsi Co and Google.

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“Never before had we such an insight into our site teams’ activity and performance, in real time. SENUBO allows us a bird’s eye view across multiple sites and in real time. It has opened up communication in a way we never thought possible.  Data can be analysed and metrics made available as and when reports are generated, which has proved invaluable.  Managing several sites simultaneously is more efficient and decisions are based on live events. It is the most effective communications platform we’ve seen.”.

Adrian Corcoran | Construction Director | Walls Construction Ltd.

“SENUBO allows me to record my piling records immediately after it is installed.  Before using SENUBO I had to record the pile details in a notebook and transfer those notes into our Daily Records Sheets at the end of the day – now I simply send a text message after each pile is finished.”

Gerry Hamill | Site Foreman | Terradrive P&F Ltd.

“For us, the adoption of Senubo has made a world of difference. Site operatives, engineers and site managers enjoyed greater engagement and communication on the D1 Project. The fact that Senubo allows us to send online updates via SMS, email and web using our existing phones and hardware allowed for easier adoption. We are exploring how Senubo can be embedded in other areas of the business to drive innovation and improve efficiency.”

Brian McCool | Contracts Manager | Farrans (Construction) Ltd.

“Safety has always been a priority with us, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve our standards. We introduced a safety programme called ‘great catches’ to promote catching observations and hazards on site. Implementing this programme proved difficult, until we introduced Senubo.  Now we tag the safety issue as a ‘great catch’ and post the details to Senubo. The post can also be supported with a photo. This makes everyone aware of incidents as they happen and initiates a solution straight away. The move to Senubo has been a very positive one for the company because it helps us to improve safety on site in real time.”

Adrian Corcoran | Construction Director | Walls Construction Ltd.