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What are the potential payoffs of using SENUBO for your organisation?

There is a general consensus that the communication platforms and tools we use socially oft times far surpass those we use at work.  But it doesn’t have to be this way.  The seamless way which social networks allow updates, posts, tags, and likes is now available for business but even better.

Social computing for business is about enabling, encouraging and capturing both the structured and unstructured interactions between individuals.  These interactions and the individuals involved are the essence of companies – and their diversity, depth and reach are the measure of how engaged, dynamic and innovative a company is.

 Research shows [1] there is huge potential for value creation from social technologies, when used within and across enterprises.  Using social technologies is not about non-work social activity; it is about communicating and collaborating internally; it is about searching and gathering information; it is about bettering internal communication mechanisms, it is about harnessing the best ideas and energies at the core.

Given that a huge amount of information in an organisation is locked up in the minds and ‘Inboxes’ of the people that work there, ‘how much of this information would be valuable to the overall enterprise?  Herein lies a wealth of untapped potential.  SENUBO is about unlocking this potential.

Figures regarding this untapped potential are available from the McKinsey Global Institute report; see below.  To read the full McKinsey Global report, click here.






[1] McKinsey Global Institute, July 2012, ‘The Social Economy: Unlocking value and productivity through social technologies.’